7. What interests you about NFTs and the Metaverse? Questions for KOSMO Creator CASE-K MOONSHINE


NFT, of course, thinks that this is a global art revolution, and that the metaverse is a major form of what could be the future second life of humanity. Already, almost nobody watches regular TV any more, and we are entering that era where people watch what they want at the time they want, like Netflix or something like that. That’s why I think it would be interesting to create a metaverse, a world that doesn’t exist in this world, a second life for mankind, an ideal world, if such a thing could be created easily.

Art in particular, for example, you don’t have to go all the way to Sotheby’s auctions, you can buy the art you like on the internet, which I think is a wonderful thing.

What is the FULL METAL RABBIT — KOSMO NFT Collection?

FULL METAL RABBIT — KOSMO Avatar NFT Collection is a hand drawn, uniquely designed NFT with real utility and engagement integrated from the onset for future gamification, backed and produced by an international creative team, laying the strong foundation behind this project and it’s future.

KOSMO is a Digital Art Project from the mind of The FULL METAL RABBIT Odyssey, created by acclaimed digital artist Case-K Moonshine, otherwise known as Keisuke Moonlight, a Japanese born Digital Artist who has had a prolific past in the Entertainment industry, known as one of Japan’s most successful Music Producer, working with artists such as X-JAPAN, LINDBERG, BOØWY and LOUDNESS to name but a few. After retiring from the music industry, he then moved into his passion of Art, creating the world famous animated character — FULL METAL RABBIT affectionately known as KOSMO.

Case-K has additionally created an entire world, Characters and Backstory for KOSMO, illuminating a futuristic world of AI dominance over the human race, with strangely and more interestingly, a little white rabbit that saves mankind.

Visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE : https://www.kosmo.smashnft.io/

ENTER the WHITELIST RAFFLE : https://www.premint.xyz/kosmo-avatars/

Visit SMASHCHAIN’s Official Website : https://smashchain.net/



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