Expanding NFTs With AR SmashChain’s Latest Collaboration With Artivive

3 min readOct 21, 2021

In the spirit of innovating in the field of NFTs, be it through combining existing technologies or finding new use-cases, SmashChain will be collaborating with Artivive to deliver new, exciting and entertaining NFT experiences for both art and movie loving communities alike.

Utilizing AR (augmented reality), SmashChain can introduce new depths to NFTs by using Artivive’s technology to add new dimensions — both literal and figurative — for a variety of different purposes that we’ll be covering down below.

What is Artivive?

Founded by Sergiu Ardelean and Codin Popescu in January 2017 in Vienna Austria, Artivive is a tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art in augmented reality by linking classical with digital art.

It can be used by artists to take visitors on a journey through time, explain what lies underneath, enhance the art with animations, or show how the artworks were made; and for museums, exhibitions, galleries, and other art institutions Artivive offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with exhibitions. All users need is a smartphone or tablet to step inside a new, virtual reality, handcrafted by artists to deliver a multi-dimensional experience.

You can download the Artivive app for Android and iOS.

Stepping Inside

So how is SmashChain utilizing Artivive? Well, for instance AR can be used to “decode” NFTs and reveal hidden content in augmented reality. An example of this process can be seen in the Night Rose NFT series, where users who are lucky enough to acquire Rare or Super Rare NFTs, can use AR to translate coded images to actual quotes and lines from the movie’s synopsis.

Another way SmashChain is using AR is in the authentication and enhancement of PTAs — Physical Tangible Assets. Where normally NFTs of real-world assets such as paintings are displayed digitally in 2 dimensions, SmashChain can provide a detailed AR experience for NFTs of their underlying physical assets.

Non-Fungible Experiences

Image credit: Darlene Alderson from Pexels

SmashChain, with its innovative vision can create experiences that, like NFTs, cannot be produced elsewhere to the same extent. While NFTs are moving forward, they are being done so at a very slow, repetitive and boring pace — and most of that innovation is taking place in blockchain-based games, albeit in a predictable fashion.

True innovation in the world of NFTs is still a rare occurrence, and users are hungry for new experiences that offer more than buzzwords and hype. What projects like SmashChain have understood is that it isn’t the technology itself that brings forth something new, rather how those technologies are used and applied; be it for commercial or artistic purposes.

What is Smashchain?

SmashChain is an NFT-exclusive curation, creation, and consulting platform. We aim to become the first of its kind project dedicated to the advancement of all kinds of NFT technologies, use-cases, and creators — whose publications and IPs are perfectly expressed with the use of NFTs.

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