INTRODUCING ‘LÉA’ as one of SMASHCHAIN’s newest NFT Artists showcasing her 1/1 NFTs!

2 min readDec 8, 2022
LÉA | SmashChain NFT Artist

SMASHCHAIN is pleased to announce the launch LÉA’s first ever NFT collection chosing SMASHCHAIN as her preferred NFT Management & platform, showcasing her unqiue & explosive use of colours and images, influenced & inspired by Cyberpunk styles & Cosplay and combining photography and graphic design.

A Girl from this earth and French translator in life. My works are just like myself, multi-faceted and indefinable. Since very little I found my passion for arts, and I gained every skill by teaching myself. Photography for me is more about creating than simply recording. Like a director directing a film, as photographers, we can also create a world that we want. It’s alright that your works encounter incomprehension, what counts most is to express yourself, just grow wild, let your creativity run wild! As a newcomer to photography, I don’t want to be defined or constrained by one particular style, I’m always trying something new, trying to explore my untapped potentials and push my limits. This is my first year in portrait photography, the best is yet to come!
(Minion is my nickname hehe so you can see this word in the cyberpunk one!)


SMASHCHAIN aims to continuously innovate and pioneer in the NFT space, choosing to lead and inspire, setting the trend for unique use cases in the ever shifting world of NFTs.

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