NEW ARTIST — AIYANA BURNS releases her 1st ever NFT Collection w/ SMASHCHAIN

3 min readAug 25, 2022

SMASHCHAIN is pleased to announce the launch of AIYANA BURN’s first ever NFT collection chosing SMASHCHAIN as her preferred NFT Management & platform, showcasing her unique artistic style and expression based and highly influenced on her youth and background & the challenges that she faced.


My name is Aiyana Burns. I am originally from Queens, NY but relocated to Sarasota, Florida with my father and grandmother. My father is Aaron Freedom Lyles, a grammy winning music producer who has worked on some of Kyss Major’s music. She referred me! I have lived in Milwaukee for a couple of years for college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with the major of art education with a minor in art history. However, I have not finished school yet. I also am a beginner DJ and my DJ name is DJ Bunni-House.

As an artist, I have had difficulties with finding my own style, but I have finally come to a comfortable place with my artistic approach. I am working on a series called “The Disturbed” which is based on my mental illness and how that is intertwined with aspects of society, culture such as music, movies, and shows, literature, spirituality, and grotesque imagery based around trauma and emotional responses, maturity, and experiences.

I have also worked on a magazine that I have not published. This project was very personal for me. Both projects that I have worked on are completely different styles but are true to my artistic approach and my value as an artist. I have two styles: “childlike” and grotesque. Each style represents me as an artist. I like to create art that is both personal to me but can create a response from the viewer of both emotional and of relatability. I want to create art that is meaningful and impactful.

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