NFT Nano Drop “The 12” — Artist 2 : YUNG and his collection named ‘LEARN CANTONESE’

YUNG, Artist 2 of “The 12”

YUNG, Artist Biography

4A Senior Creative Director, Yung has been working in the art and design industry for over 15 years. Since 2008 to 2019, he has captured 8 prestigious national and local awards: The D&AD Award, ADFEST, NEW YORK Effie Award, HONG KONG Kam Fan Award, and many more. His works have been exhibited in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore & Tokyo.

Sample of Artist Works and NFTs available on OPENSEA

YUNG is the 2nd Artist released by SMASHCHAIN as part of #The12 Campaign, advocating quality over quantity with their coined #NanoDrop. His collection can be viewed on OPENSEA. YUNG’s artworks are inspired by Guangdong traditional culture in China.

“The 12 Genesis Campaign”

SMASHCHAIN aims to bring together a varied selection of artists from around the globe, emphasizing on exclusivity with their brand. Visit #The12 Campaign on OPENSEA :



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