NFT NanoDrop “The 12” — Artist 6 : PL and her collection named “KALEIDOSCOPE”

2 min readDec 17, 2021
PL, Artist 6 of “The 12”

PL, Artist Biography

Artist/Director/Producer/Avant-Garde Musician/…

Being the owner of PL AND ARTS studio, PL dedicated herself in giving new lives to old objects in common life. PL uses bright and bold colors to delivery the message of happiness and true feelings. Using geometrical elements, PL created the pattern of “KALEIDOSCOPE” with fabrics, leathers and other environment-friendly and recycled materials, achieving the creativity balance of art and environmental protection.

Sample of works available on OPENSEA

12 NFTs now available on OPENSEA.

#The12 Genesis Collection releases 1 Artist every day for 12 days on Opensea. Every NFT released is sold for a fixed price of 0.12 ETH (around US$490 at the time of writing). Royalty on Opensea has been set for 8% for all the artists under this campaign. Additionally, only 1 of 1 has been minted for each work, focusing on rarity and scarcity of their presented works.

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