SmashChain Announces Collaboration With MOMO Art Gallery — Releases Collection On OpenSea

2 min readOct 8, 2021
SmashChain Announces Collaboration With MOMO Art Gallery

Late last week, in an unexpected yet pleasant announcement, SmashChain made public their collaboration with MOMO art gallery, operating on their NFTs for a first-time partnership with an actual offline exhibition space.

The collection, released on OpenSea, features artworks of wildly varying styles and genres, from realistic sketches such as ‘Albrecht Dürer #2’ to more abstract and dreamlike works that venture into the depths of the human imagination. The diversity of genres and approaches found in this collection not only appeal to a wide range of audiences but also complement one another by highlighting differences in human perspectives, seamless synergy between these and NFTs.

‘Albrecht Dürer #2’

The works start at 2.88ETH for lower-end options, and go all the way up to 11.11ETH for the highest-priced piece of the collection — titled ‘Kismet’. These works have been gathering views and attention since their introduction to the OpenSea market, and are undoubtedly a great first step towards loftier ambitions.

The visual quality of the NFTs themselves is also quite remarkable. These stand not only as proof of SmashChain’s capabilities but also imply that works of higher quality, wider variety, and larger quantity, are to arrive in the near future — be it from independent artists, or other galleries and organizations.

The link to the collection on OpenSea can be found by clicking here.

What is Smashchain?

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