SMASHCHAIN Announces Launch of New Play-2-Earn Game ‘The LAST GENESIS WARRIOR’— Taking Gamification to the Ultimate Level & Beyond…

With NFTs on the rise, and a market cap reaching a staggering and astonishing USD$22 Billion in 2021, NFT’s have firmly made their mark on the psyche of the 2022’s mainstream crypto generation. Leading the way is Axies Infinity, now with a current market cap of over USD$ 4.2 Billion, bringing a fresh wave of players using NFTs and Gaming to literally bring themselves and their families out of poverty, as seen in the Philippines.

Play-2-Earn games are now on the rise, and SMASHCHAIN aim’s to lead the way, aiming to take P2E to the next generation of integration, user experience, user engagement and most importantly — user rewards and returns.

The Last Genesis Warrior


EARTH 16,183 A.D

A wasteland ravaged by millennia of inter-galactic battles that in the end, has shown that the fallibility of humans is their humanity. Catastrophic geo-disasters combined with a dark force only known in whispers as the ‘Orb’ have dwindled the once over populous primate of man to a mere 13.96 million, many who are poverty stricken, sick and dying.

However, for over 10,000 years, an elite group of extraordinary soldiers, brought together at the Earth’s first encounter with an extraterrestrial force dubbed at the time as the GENESIS WARRIORS, numbering in their thousands from across the globe to combat the infestation of the ‘Orb’.

These GENESIS WARRIORS were akin to the SHAOLIN MONKS or the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, with belief in ‘Humanity’ as their religion and faith, preaching through steel and fire. Devout in warfare and merciless to their enemy, giving up all forms of normalcy and dedicating their mortal life to the preservation of the people and the planet.

Now numbering only a couple of thousand, these soldiers are the only line — the LAST line — of defense Earth and its people have against total annihilation and extinction.


Are you ready to join the ranks to save the future of Humanity?

Watch the Official Trailer now :

Official Trailer for “The Last Genesis Warrior”


The Last Genesis Warrior is the first step in an immense ecosystem integrated with innovative utilities, community engaging mechanisms and epic journeys for it’s players. It’s creation and development was conceived by industry experts and talented creatives from around the world, but led by the vision and minds of SmashChain’s Co-Founders, Peter Chen & Robert Vicencio.

In its first stage, players can choose to be one of the various ranks of the genesis warriors, however eventually options for being one of the alien invaders called the ‘orb’ will also become available.

The unique NFTs will be meticulously created with varying attributes and levels of rarity. The Last Genesis Warrior NFTs will be stored as BSC BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smartchain (BSC) blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

With future options of ship building, land buying and many more in the pipeline, the Last Genesis Warrior game aims to become one of the most complete, advanced & comprehensive NFT games in the world.

Standard $SAS Token NFT

Purchase the $SAS Token NFT on OPENSEA and stake your claim to The Last Genesis Warrior Whitelist, Bonus NFTs, Giveaways and more, pending on the 6 types of $SAS Token NFTs :

Black Diamond / Platinum / Gold / Silver / Bronze / Standard

SMASHCHAIN has launched their native Utility and Governance Token $SAS on BIBOX.COM, which will in part drive the ecosystem within the P2E game and the SmashChain Metaverse dubbed “The SMASHVERSE” :

The Last Genesis Warrior

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