3 min readApr 4, 2022
Kosmo No War #NFT Collection

In support of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Smashchain has teamed up with acclaimed & legendary digital artist Case-K Moonshine, the creator of the world famous character ‘Full Metal Rabbit’ who has created a special tribute collection exclusively released for SmashChain, whereby -

100% of every UKRAINE FLAG & KOSMO NFT sold goes to the FOUNDATION for the SUPPORT of the UNITED NATIONS (FSUN).

Only 7 unique versions and a limited number of 1000 each (7000 in total) will ever be minted for the support of the Ukraine crisis, with each selling at 0.029 ETH, around USD 100 from the time writing.

Case-K Moonshine

Case-K Moonshine, otherwise known as Keisuke Moonlight, a Japanese born Digital Artist who has had prolific past in the Entertainment industry, reigning the territory as a Music Producer then moving into his passion of Art, creating the world famous animated character — FULL METAL RABBIT affectionately known as KOSMO.


Case-K has additionally created an entire world and backstory for the Kosmo, illuminating a futuristic world of AI dominance over the human race, with strangely and more interestingly, a little white rabbit that saves mankind.

Smashchain’s CEO, Peter Chen and Case-K Moonshine both wanting to find a way to contribute to the current crisis, both decided to collaborate on the NFT in the hopes that this little white rabbit, can transcend its powers from the digital animated world, to the real world, in helping strive for peace with a strong yet simple message of ‘NO WAR’.

(L) Peter Chen, SmashChain CEO & (R) Case-K Moonshine

SMASHCHAIN will also be releasing FULL METAL RABBIT’s first ever PFP Collection of 10,000 in the coming months.

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