Why the f*ck should I buy $SAS Tokens?

7 min readFeb 10, 2022


Yeah! Probably just another rug pull, dump or shitcoin!?

The Original design of the $SAS Token

A question you’d probably ask with any new token or crypto you’re looking into and with so many tokens on the market, both new and old, I must agree its damn hard to decide which token to assign my loyalty to or stay away from with a 6 foot pole. So how does one decide?

Well there’s always my first port of call — good ol’ YouTube! Yes, i know there’s Crypto Twitter and all that, but for me that’s usually my 3rd step. I do like YouTube as it’s my lazy way to get the ‘big picture’ in a visual way. But there is a method to my madness as well. Coming from a Film & Video background, a simple video can tell me so much on the team and the people behind it. Understanding the mechanism of how a video is created, ie. concept, story, production value, length and even down to the voice over, presenter or as minute as the subtitles. Yes, I know there are a lot programs and easy ways to make a video sites, but even the most simplest videos if done correctly can show quality and skill from the team — likewise, videos done quickly or without love and thought, are quite frankly — shit. Back to the point, by watching videos made by the team on their token or project is one way — and yes, videos can be fluff too but if it attracts me from the beginning I'll move to the next step.

The next step — check website. Once I’m either hooked by the snazzy #Pond5 stock footage videos, #doodly explanation or convinced by my favorite Crypto KOL Guy from #Coinbureau or even the always cool and easy to listen to Eddie Yoon, i’ll go straight to their website! Now, here’s where all the ‘clicking’ takes place — click, click, CLICK! I’ll check every link and of course the 3 most important sections :

  1. Team — oh yes, I will see if I see real people. You’d be surprised how many projects I’ve checked, both Crypto and NFT, that represent it’s team as caricatures, cartooned representations or even symbols, but the crème-de-la-crème of scam project is on one occasion, as I couldn't believe that all the team members pictures were real, I reversed image-searched and saw this one generic photo used on multiple sites with different names! basically stock pics were used to populate the team! Outrageous and hilarious at the same time. Basically a big RED FLAG which I’m sure you would agree.
  2. Whitepaper — The ever mystical and theoretical whitepaper. Some being over 100 pages long, and some just a few, which some refer to the ‘lite’ paper, but whatever the length, the Whitepaper is basically like the business plan of the Token or project. Besides, the vision and mission, it should include any technical aspects and highlights as well as the ever elusive — Tokenomics — the key or legend to any Token. Though I must admit I’m not a geek or techy and may not understand 80% of the paper, but I do like to skim through it and casually looking at the pictures (yes, I'm a visual guy). Again you’d be surprised how many projects actually DONT have a Whitepaper, but worse yet, there’s a tab ‘whitepaper’ but no hyperlink!
  3. Roadmap — This shows the general direction of the project and basically why the hell their token will have ‘real’ value, which as obvious as it sounds is a damn good reason why one should look at it. I say ‘look at it’ as for me, personally, if the video got me, the team’s legit and as long as there’s a general direction, them I’m pretty much there — but again, that’s just me — and as all my favorite Youtubers say, “I’m not a financial advisor. DYOR.”

Being in a project myself, I must admit and also share that changes do happen in any of the above, and do give projects or tokens some leeway as with any journey, things happen, people change, direction shift — this is just part of any project or business for that matter.

So lets get back to the initial question — Why the hell buy $SAS Tokens? Admittedly, a team member relayed a comment from a potential investor we had met 2–3 months ago when we literally just started, saying, and I quote, “As Sarah [The Investor] said $SAS story is not attracting enough”. I responded irritatingly, and I quote: “That was ages ago — has she even been following us? We’re at a completely different stage now!”

I know of course I was talking on deaf ears, but the point still was there… what makes $SAS so attractive and why would someone first invest and then hold on for the long game.

Another digression, but I think it all ties my thoughts in the end, but a week ago as Cardano (ADA) was pumping, I happen to watch a video interview with Charles Hoskinson (Founder of Cardano) on Youtube with a channel called Crypto Capital Ventures and the biggest take away was after 6 years on, hundreds of millions of investment and a dedicated team who have given up 6 years of their lives into a single project, and yet still people talk down, expect more and talk bad about the project’s future…and thats coming from his mouth not mine. I realize that this industry is about resilience, persistence and passion! Cardano simply proves the fact that Crypto is a LONG GAME… A long hold, not saying short gains cant be made, but with any new project, time is the defining factor — for better or worse (I guess just like an marriage for that matter!)

When I was first introduced to Peter, our CEO, we were both working on different concepts and ideas of what crypto project we wanted to enter into, but as soon as we started laying our cards on the table, and with the core team that we started working with, it soon became clear that everyone involved at the onset had the passion and a desire to succeed at all costs and thus — SMASHCHAIN was born.

At the beginning of any project, the TEAM is critical as it’s those people that help to build that ever so important foundation and corner stone, that truly does last even if people change along the way. But what comes with people and is as important in the inception of a dream is TRUST. And as we all know, trust needs to be earned. One thing the SMASH Team have that I personally see is that trust in the vision, trust in the mission and trust in each other to get the job done.

Like a marriage, it’s through thick and thin, and any start up project certainly goes though it’s fair share and when it’s crypto, it’s on hyper-drive! That’s when you really need to depend on the team. Each of our team comes with a unique skill set, and more importantly — a unique perspective, which all helps define where SMASHCHAIN is today.

From the onset, Peter, myself and those on the team agreed that we ‘show’ our faces and not hide behind a mask or PFP NFT. We want the world to know we’re staking our reputation and lives on the development of this project — success or failure — we’re proud to be part of it.

$SAS as a Token has indeed a long way to go, we know that and having just recently IEO’d on BIBOX.COM last December 28th, 2021, like any alt it ebbs and flows to the Bitcoin’s moments breaking out here and there, but like Bitcoin when it first came out 2008, it literally took years to reach $1 in value and over a decade to reach the value it is today. We’re here for the long term and that’s pegged by the long list of partnerships, projects and protocols we are aiming to launch, literally looking at a 12 year roll out plan, of course in phases and small steps, evaluating, and what I like to call ‘M&M Chocolate’ — Monitor & Modify along the way.

We know, the harder & smarter we work, the move value we can give back to our community and it’s our community that we show our greatest gratitude. From hilarious and awesome memes, stickers and genuine belief in our project, it’s that belief that drives our team on a daily basis to continue to strive forward with our MISSION and VISION — for at the end of the day, we are a ‘chain’ of dreams coming together under one SMASH Collective.

To end this article, I’d like to leave you with my personal favorite meme made by one of our community members which sums up my feelings — literally :

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Written by Robert Vicencio, Co-Founder of SMASHCHAIN




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