Making History with Jack Sholder’s Night Rose NFT Collection!

3 min readOct 21, 2021

Smashchain has just released the full version of the Night Rose NFT Collection landing page, originally teased on October 19.

As the page reveals, this exclusive NFT premier is a first in many ways.

Besides being Smash’s debut into the world of NFTs, they’ve partnered with legendary Hollywood horror director, Jack Sholder, to deliver something that’s never been done before. They plan to revolutionize both the NFT and movie industries by tokenizing nearly all aspects of Jack’s next horror film, Night Rose. Though the full and final project will include NFTs of original storyboards, character and set designs, scripts, and much more, this first drop will offer fans a chance to own segments of the synopsis.

Additionally, by purchasing these NFTs, fans will be contributing to the development of the film directly, as this will be the first movie to be 100% financed by NFTs.

For anyone that’s in the NFT scene or is a fan of the horror genre, this is an unprecedented opportunity to own a part of history. Simply imagine having a chance to purchase one of the original CryptoPunks, at a time when the concept was entirely new. Not just that, but imagine if your CryptoPunk was an actual character or somehow tied to a real-world full-length feature film; the value add would be immeasurable. Or, if you’re a fan of cinema, imagine having the opportunity to own the tokenized versions of your favorite film’s original character designs, scripts, and much more.

The Night Rose Collection does precisely that! Plus, each NFT also comes with augmented reality (AR) features for Rare and Super Rare categories, powered by the recently announced partnership with Artivive.

When you decode your NFT with the Artivive AR APP, keep an eye out for a floating ROSE *Wink Wink*!

The Smash team is introducing itself as a breath of fresh air, offering something new and unique to counter the endless sea of repetitive one-time cartoon character collections we’ve witnessed lately. To learn more about Smashchain and its unique vision, visit the official website.

Are you excited to join this historical movement and have an opportunity to own something new and innovative?

The pre-registration will happen between October 25 and October 29, 2021, on the Night Rose landing page. Make sure you head over between these dates and connect your MetaMask wallet for a chance to be whitelisted for free minting on October 31 at 16:18 UTC.

For the full breakdown and details of the first Night Rose Collection, Synopsis NFT Drop, visit the landing page now:

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